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Abacus Rx, Inc. is a global software development company that for more than 20 years has earned a solid reputation as the premier provider of leading edge pharmacy management systems. Our pharmacy management software serves the needs of the independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, long-term care facilities, out patient pharmacies, mail order pharmacies and dispensing physician offices. As we continue to invest in leading edge technology our focus is the improvement of the pharmacist’s day to day operations through innovative solutions that increase profitability, streamline functionality, enhance patient service and contributes to the overall healthcare delivery process.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Paperless Pharmacy "Rx Script Imaging by Abacus Rx"

Abacus Rx continues to enhance and take it's flagship product "Visual Pharmacy Plus" to new technological levels.  The pharmacy management system has been designed to accept image documents of all types.  These documents are stored in each patients file.  These images are then available "on the fly" to the pharmacist, technician or other pharmacy staff who is accessing the patient file. 

The new enhancements takes Rx Script Imgaing to a new level.  As patients arrive at your pharmacy, you are able to scan multiple rx scripts for multiple patients.  You may ask, what is the difference?  The difference is that the level of service to the patient improves signficantly.  As new scripts are received they are scanned, imaged and linked to a patients file automtically.  The technician can then assist the next patient in line or continue assisting in other pharmacy operations.

The scanned scripts go into a queue, which is instantly viewed by the pharmacist and pharmacy staff.  From the queue, the scripts can be picked, the prescription processing completed and queued for filling.

This is all done seemlessly by the system, maintaining all records linked to the patient and improving overall patient script processing and pharmacy operations.

This is only one of the many enhancements that take us a step closer to a 100% paperless pharmacy environment.  Visit us at http://www.abacusrx.com/ to find out more about our state of the art pharmacy management system and solutions to meet your needs.

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