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Abacus Rx, Inc. is a global software development company that for more than 20 years has earned a solid reputation as the premier provider of leading edge pharmacy management systems. Our pharmacy management software serves the needs of the independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, long-term care facilities, out patient pharmacies, mail order pharmacies and dispensing physician offices. As we continue to invest in leading edge technology our focus is the improvement of the pharmacist’s day to day operations through innovative solutions that increase profitability, streamline functionality, enhance patient service and contributes to the overall healthcare delivery process.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Electronic Signature Capture by Abacus Rx


Do you find that juggling the administrative requirements needed to capture, store and retrieve patients’ signatures, combined with keeping up with your daily responsibilities, leaves you less time for your patients?

Our electronic signature capture solution helps you capture, store and retrieve patients’ signatures on an high-tech signature pad, integrates with the Abacus pharmacy management system and supports PHI acknowledgement and patient pickup, including cash and third-party, offer to counsel, and safety cap information.

The Electronic Signature pad is a paperless system that electronically captures, stores, and retrieves signatures on demand, virtually eliminating the need to store and manually retrieve thousands of signature logs and other paper documents.

Our Signature Capture system is your electronic signature capture solution. Enables the electronic collection of signatures for various events saves and tracks signature image for prescription. Creates a history of prescription pickup activity including date, time and counseling details. Enhances patient privacy at point of pick up minimizes effort and time involved in accessing information to address customer inquiries and third-party, or HIPAA audits; Provides the ability to generate signature reports.

It will track and document the following:

• HIPAA Acknowledgement
• Patient Pick Up – including cash and third-party
• Offer to Counsel
• Safety Cap Waiver

Other benefits:

• Eliminates excessive paper documents and their storage
• Provides greater confidentiality at the out-window
• Streamlines prescription audits


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