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Abacus Rx, Inc. is a global software development company that for more than 20 years has earned a solid reputation as the premier provider of leading edge pharmacy management systems. Our pharmacy management software serves the needs of the independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, long-term care facilities, out patient pharmacies, mail order pharmacies and dispensing physician offices. As we continue to invest in leading edge technology our focus is the improvement of the pharmacist’s day to day operations through innovative solutions that increase profitability, streamline functionality, enhance patient service and contributes to the overall healthcare delivery process.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Abacus POSRx™ "Point of Sale Register"

The Abacus POSRx™ is a fully integrated system with bar codes scanning, customer pole display, receipt printer, cash drawer and high technology for remarkable ease of use, whether you want one or one hundred registers connected together.

The POS system for pharmacies provides interfaces in real-time to our Visual Pharmacy Plus software. As your prescriptions are filled by the pharmacy system, your point of sale is instantly updated with the Rx number, co-pay, patient name, drug code, and all other relevant information. Your customer picks up the prescriptions and any OTC’s which are then scanned through the point of sale, once the sale is complete, the prescription software is updated and a message is sent back to the Visual Pharmacy Plus system and instantly updating the queue to “puck-up”. The POS will also provide a detailed prescription report which will assist you in auditing your will call on a real time basis.

The POS software gathers signatures for both Rx signature logs and the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Policy (NOPP) and integrates this with your POS system for easy reference, reporting, and auditing.

Abacus POSRx™ Highligts
  • IIAS Compliant (What is IIAS? and Why is it important?)
  • SIGIS eligible List
  • Auto Purchasing
  • Inventory Control
  • Fully integrated to pharmacy management system
  • Multi-store communications
  • Frequent Shopper
  • Integrated E-commerce
  • E-signature Capture for HIPAA, Rx Log and Credit Card
  • Merchant service integration

Key POS Features and Benefit

Easy to use

Just scan the item, whether it’s an OTC item, a prescription drug or any item with a bar code label. The system will scan it and locate the product. We preload every installation with over 20,000 of the most popular OTC and NDC products.

Full Inventory Control

A real-time inventory control system that is comprehensive in scope and provides sophisticated management controls and reporting. The system tracks inventory quantities and costs, including changes from order entry, returns, receiving, and transfers. Physical inventory functions and management reports are provided.

Pharmacy Integration

Retail Pharmacies require cash registers which tie in with the pharmacy management system, for accurate accounting of cash functions and "front-of-store" merchandise sales. This system will allow you to integrate your entire store operation, and will support multi-chain pharmacy operations. Additional integration features, include, advise patients when their prescription is ready, provide quotes on prescriptions before processing, charge Rx co-payment or accept cash. Once a prescription is processed and complete, the Rx leaflet includes a barcode generated by the pharmacy management system, which includes patient information, Rx number, drug name, co-payment, and/or cash due. The POS can be fully integrated with our premier pharmacy system Visual Pharmacy Plus™

Register balancing

Easy End-of-day balancing screen allows you to balance your sales with the cash drawer faster.


Secured price control, only authorized personnel can change a price, and users can be restricted from unauthorized functions.

Pricing Control

Price can be updated as inventory is received and can be set to last price or average price of the inventory. In addition, a special sale price can be set for a given period of time.

What’s included?

Computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Barcode laser scanner, Receipt printer, Customer pole display, Cash Drawer and POS software.

Can we use the POS as a workstation?

Yes, you can connect and use the Pharmacy Software and any other software on the POS as well as connect to the internet.

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