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Abacus Rx, Inc. is a global software development company that for more than 20 years has earned a solid reputation as the premier provider of leading edge pharmacy management systems. Our pharmacy management software serves the needs of the independent pharmacies, chain pharmacies, institutional pharmacies, long-term care facilities, out patient pharmacies, mail order pharmacies and dispensing physician offices. As we continue to invest in leading edge technology our focus is the improvement of the pharmacist’s day to day operations through innovative solutions that increase profitability, streamline functionality, enhance patient service and contributes to the overall healthcare delivery process.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The New Paperless Pharmacy "Rx Script Imaging by Abacus Rx"

Abacus Rx continues to enhance and take it's flagship product "Visual Pharmacy Plus" to new technological levels.  The pharmacy management system has been designed to accept image documents of all types.  These documents are stored in each patients file.  These images are then available "on the fly" to the pharmacist, technician or other pharmacy staff who is accessing the patient file. 

The new enhancements takes Rx Script Imgaing to a new level.  As patients arrive at your pharmacy, you are able to scan multiple rx scripts for multiple patients.  You may ask, what is the difference?  The difference is that the level of service to the patient improves signficantly.  As new scripts are received they are scanned, imaged and linked to a patients file automtically.  The technician can then assist the next patient in line or continue assisting in other pharmacy operations.

The scanned scripts go into a queue, which is instantly viewed by the pharmacist and pharmacy staff.  From the queue, the scripts can be picked, the prescription processing completed and queued for filling.

This is all done seemlessly by the system, maintaining all records linked to the patient and improving overall patient script processing and pharmacy operations.

This is only one of the many enhancements that take us a step closer to a 100% paperless pharmacy environment.  Visit us at http://www.abacusrx.com/ to find out more about our state of the art pharmacy management system and solutions to meet your needs.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

IVRRx™ - Interactive Voice Response

IVRRx™ is an interactive voice response solution that integrates with the Abacus Pharmacy management system and automates telephone call handling by routing refills into your pharmacy software. It provides customers and physicians with 24-hour access to pharmacy services.

IVRRx™ manages the pharmacy’s incoming calls, enhancing the pharmacy workflow and enabling pharmacists and staff to spend more time serving their patients. By reducing interruptions, IVRRx™allows pharmacy staff to increase the level of service they provide their patients while also being more productive.

Everyone who comes into contact with your pharmacy benefits from IVRRx™. Using IVRRx™, patients can order prescription refills, get basic pharmacy information or speak to the pharmacy staff for personal assistance. Physicians can order prescriptions, authorize refills or speak directly with the pharmacists. IVRRx™ even recognizes your regular and holiday hours so patients aren’t trying to come in for their prescriptions when you aren’t there.

The use of IVRRx™ services is quite prevalent in the healthcare industry. Because of the urgency of many situations that arise in this industry, it is necessary to facilitate response both quickly and efficiently allowing patients to refill their prescriptions 24/7 over the phone or on the internet.

IVRRx™ is a refill solution that manages your pharmacy's incoming phone calls. The IVRRx™ is designed to meet individual pharmacy needs based upon the features desired and your existing telephone equipment.


  • 24-hour access to the pharmacy for refill requests and status checks.
  • Automatic processing of patient refill requests, queued directly to the Pharmacy System, through telephone and Internet.
  • Automated faxing of doctor authorization requests.
  • Automatic notification to the customer when the prescription is available for pick up.
  • Dynamic Refill/Workload Scheduler
  • Prescription Pickup, Delivery or Mail Option
  • Voice Mailboxes for Customers and Doctors (refill approval and new scripts)
  • Doctor Fax Forwarding
  • Doctor Call Priority
  • Caller ID
  • Unique Greetings Based On Telephone Number Dialed
  • Flexible Greetings and Prompts To Fit Pharmacy Requirements
  • Telephone System Interface
  • Auto Attendant
  • System Prompt Override
  • In-Store Paging Compatibility
  • Music on Hold Connectivity
  • Refill Statistics and Call Traffic Reports
  • Remote Access
  • Multiple Languages
  • Call Queuing

ExpressCall-RxTM delivers a positive impact on patient compliance while at the same time drives business into the pharmacy. This cutting edge solution provides automated outbound calls to patients for any one of many reasons i.e. refill reminder / compliance calls, will-call reminders, clinic announcements, thank you for your business message and more. Available call reports provide proof of success!

DirectLink-RxTM automates the refill ordering process from any long-term care facility. This solution allows a nurse or other facility staff member to, 24 x 7, place multiple prescription refills / reorders and within minutes receive a faxback confirming each prescription number has been submitted to the pharmacy's work queue. This low cost integrated solution provides convenience and accountability for both the LTC facility and pharmacy staff members. (Standard interface required)

Tele-Fill / IVR® provides convenience to pharmacy customers and relief for the staff. Using the key pad on their telephone, callers can place prescription refill orders - anytime day or night. Tele-Fill verifies the prescription number and refill availability. The caller hears a friendly confirmation that their order has been submitted.

Attendant-RxTM is for those pharmacies that want to provide customers and doctors with the convenience of an automated attendant answering system, giving callers a full menu of options such as; listen to store location and hours or promotions, place a refill (Tele-Fill module required), transfer to different departments, give specific doctor options and much more. Free up your pharmacy staff to help more customers today!

Quick-Link® streamlines the pharmacy work process by giving all staff members, whether technician or cashier, a fast and easy way to handle refill requests. Using Quick-Link's touch screen, refill orders from walk in, drive thru or customers calling on the phone, can be securely submitted directly to the pharmacy system work queue. As one of our pharmacists said: "It's a step saver, now we don't run around looking for an available terminal. It works great at both my front cash and drive-up."

Refill AssistantTM increases customer satisfaction by offering an alternative to waiting in line to place a refill order. With this self-service touch-screen, customers enter their prescription number and then see a verification message that their order has been submitted to the pharmacy. Refill Assistant can be placed anywhere in the pharmacy or any remote location that is connected to the pharmacy's network.

Rx-PickupTM functionality has now been incorporated into the ExpressCall-Rx feature module. (See above.)

WebFill-RxTM maximizes your pharmacy's online presence with integrated refill webpage. Online requests are submitted to the pharmacy system work queue and the patient receives a confirmation email within minutes. If Doctor authorization is needed, an authorization fax can automatically be sent - day or night.


IV Infusion/Compounding

I.V. Processing

This software module creates and maintains an on-line database for a variety of I.V. solutions for home infusion centers, clinics and physicians’ offices. Orders may be categorized as piggy-back, syringe, LVP, TPN, epidural, chemotherapy and chemo syringe. Admixed and non-admixed solutions are supported.

For non-TPN Orders up to 8 additives may be entered. If less than 8 are needed, the extra fields may be used for additional information, instructions, etc.

A separate TPN Order input screen lets you specify values for common additives and standard solutions (dextrose, amino acids and lipids). Four 30-character “free text” lines allow additional additives, solutions or instructions to be included.

A starter list of frequent standard orders and comments, with mnemonics, is included to reduce keystrokes. You can enter new standards or modify existing ones as needed.

Your can fill orders for I.V. compounds by creating worksheets with every admixture ingredient, including the container. Create pricing mechanisms that are specific to I.V. and quickly fill orders for all associated ancillary supplies. Select different label formats for different therapies. All I.V. orders flow through to our standard bills, reports and forms.


Fill your compounded prescriptions and track what was prescribed and dispensed. You can track the specific batch (lot number) dispensed to each patient or place Rx’s on hold, generate a partial fill, transfers, Rx notes, controlled substance reporting, price quotes and refill reminders. Add your own formulas or copy from other formulas already on file. Each formula may have an unlimited number of chemicals and instructions. The system automatically calculates the cost of each ingredient as they are entered.


Document Imaging

Transition to a paperless environment. Scan, store, and retrieve any type of document (including: CMN, prescription, insurance card, physician documentation, worker comp, etc ..) to eliminate the need for manual filing. The prescription, insurance card and signature is scanned and attached to the patient record. When patient information is retrieved, the images will automatically appear as verification of the patient’s prescription. In addition to helping to prevent dispensing errors, the module can help dramatically reduce the time and expense of an audit.

Robotics Dispensing Systems Interface

The fully automated pharmacy of the future is here today. As pharmacies work to remain profitable in an increasingly competitive environment, automation of the entire dispensing process is becoming all the more common.

New systems and robotic equipment are the latest drivers of pharmacy efficiency. These new systems help manage operating costs over time as well as open new markets for the modern pharmacy. It is indeed possible to increase dispensing volume while at the same time increasing safety, accuracy and profitability.

The Abacus Rx's Visual Pharmacy Plus™ software can communicate with and utilize various robotic technology and devices, including:

Parata Systems

Parata RDS, the industry's leading pharmacy automation, offers a proven strategy for taking your dispensing operation to the next level: it automates 50-65 percent of total prescription volume at six to eight times the productivity of manual filling, and is 100 percent accurate for drug and dose.

PharmAssist - w/Workflow Innovation Associates

PharmASSIST solutions are comprised of next generation dispensing technology, award-winning industrial design, and advanced computing power. By incorporating unparalleled quality control and exceptionally versatile functionality, PharmASSIST solutions deliver a wide range of operational, cultural, and customer oriented benefits.


With the most extensive line of automated prescription filling systems on the market, you don’t have to settle for one-size-fits-all. ABTG provides affordable systems for all pharmacy sizes.

ScriptPro develops, provides and supports state-of-the-art, robotics-based management and workflow systems for pharmacies. ScriptPro is dedicated to helping pharmacies lower operating costs, reduce dispensing errors and maximize customer satisfaction.

BakerCell APS

Fully automated tablet/capsule counting systems. Counts up to 10 capsules/tablets per second. Instantly dispense prescriptions when interfaced with pharmacy system. Individual dispensing chutes virtually eliminate cross contamination. Cell capacity of 120 drams (440 cc) Optional SuperCells accommodate up to 10 times the capacity of standard cells – ideal for high volume medications.

McKesson AccuScript / Pharmacy 2000

Fill prescriptions quickly and accurately with an industry leading counting speed of up to 10 pills per second. Increase accuracy and reduce medication errors with bar-code technology. Small footprint with a modular layout allows the system to fit into any pharmacy regardless of space constraints. Scalable design enables the pharmacy to install additional cabinets as prescription volume grows. Customizable levels of security by procedure and user. Secure prescription retrieval with locked gates and drawers.